Brand Policy

1、 Store design support
Unified VI image design of Wonderful furniture, assisting in store site selection and on-the-spot investigation, providing design scheme free of charge according to store location and area, providing design order guidance for samples, and providing full-time personnel to create store atmosphere.
2、 Manage operational support
1. Standardized store management mode was implemented, and the headquarters sent special personnel to the franchise stores to guide the setting up and train marketing personnel.
2. Cooperate with dealers in marketing activities and implementation of major festivals such as store celebrations, new year's day, Spring Festival, may day, November and Christmas.
3、 Furniture original design support
Wonderful employs a group of senior furniture designers at home and abroad to refine the comfortable and exquisite home culture concept from the spiritual nature and the rich American culture. Its design style is luxurious and elegant, extraordinary and free from vulgarity, and perfectly harmonious with nature. Design style has become the vane of fashion in the furniture industry. Focusing on the coexistence of design and quality, emphasizing the home lifestyle has become an important part of huameiju's corporate culture and the core power of huameiju furniture to create high-end home furnishing brand.
4、 Training support
1. Professional training on product knowledge, product pricing, contract signing, customer communication and service sales.
2. Professional knowledge training on installation skills, drawing reading and maintenance of installation personnel.
3. Store management, order management, customer service and other special service training.
4. Organize comprehensive or special training in huameiju furniture headquarters from time to time every year to improve the professional ability in marketing, management and sales.
5、 Brand marketing system support
Wonderful furniture in the marketing strategy of continuous innovation and investment, and gradually formed its own marketing system.
1. The headquarters invested heavily in high-end furniture magazines, newspapers, outdoor media, airports and other advertisements.
2. The franchise stores shall be provided with standard advertising materials (prepared according to the sales situation) free of charge.
3. Free design of outdoor advertisement for franchise stores and bear the cost of painting production (approved).
4. Free of charge to franchise stores in part of the print advertising, pictures, image signs.