Wonderful Furniture's Brands: HEARST&CASTLE   BEL CARL IMAGE   PAKE HOUSE


HEARST & CASTLE has abandoned the strange and luxurious which come from the Baroque and Rococo.Refine the core of traditional furniture, keep traditional but stand specific character;Emphasize comfortable, practical and functional.Express concise and organized idea to release your pressure at home.HEARST & CASTLE remembers past times and interprets romantic.Her charming appearance, wood grain, carving with honourable tone, which standing carefull reading.Rigorous material maintain and complicated finishing process completely reflected by from HEARST & CASTLE.


The new Americanism of light color series, takes the traditional American furniture design, philosophy and continue with delicacy. Pake House looks forward to the future and enjoying simple taste that continue the original rural nature. It uses pure color and plain coating to give the furniture sense of value and quality, and brings warmth to consumer home.
The new Americanism of dark color series, keeps the classic American log color and simple lines model, reveal American connotation and emit the light luxury quality. The flickering colors of fabric reflects the taste of youth. The impact of the classic and fashion have been enjoyed and realized the wonderful feeling of home.


This sentence summarizes the design concept and style characteristics of the series of products